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1). How can I update my profile?

Dear User when you will get logged in please see the right top corner of our webpage where you will find your user image and below your image there is a link called profile,if you click on the profile the you will be displayed a form to update your profile. Fill up the form and click on the ‘UPDATE’ button.

2). Why the game(s) are not properly loaded in my browser?  (OR)
Why I am unable to play the games?

Dear user for this kind of failure of loading games in your browser you have to install flash plug-in .For flash plug-in you just navigate to bottom of any game page and see at the left bottom corner flash plug in link is provided. Please click on the link to download the required plug-in.

3).When I will get a Wincode?

Dear User almost every game is having a target based on the game and if you can achieve it then you will be provided with a Wincode.

4). When I will receive the gift after i achieve the Wincode?

When you get the wincode you have to email the code along with your uername to Your gift will be sent to your postal address as mentioned by u as soon as possible.

5). How can I submit Games in your website?

Dear User please to submit your flash game in our site you have to send us a submit request mail along with 3 screen shots of the game, and we ill validate your game, if it meets our criteria then within 2 working days itis published inour site with your name as watermark.

6). How can I place my advertisement in your website?

Dear User please visit the the footer part of our web and you will be able to see a section OUR LINKS and below that a link named as advertise with us, please click on the link to place your advertisement.

7). How to get the a particular game?

Dear User – Please type the name of the game you are serching in the search box at the top of any page and click search, it's going to list all the games referenced to that name. To get the games list category wise you can click on the game category at top of our home page like Puzzle, Action, Shooting, Arcade, Racing etc.