Talking Elephant 'vinayak'
Android app :

vi vi vi vi

Take good care of your elephant (Vinayaka) and make him part of your
daily life.
Feed her and play and make it bath and dress up from a wide selection of accessories. Play mini-games and watch as Vinayaka comes part of your everyday life with spiritual songs With Us


Go Fishing
Android app :
gf gf gf gf

Go Fishing' game app is about catching the fishes in an aquarium and Hiding them behind rock's to save them from great white shark.
Swipe in any direction to net the fish.


Bahubali - Clash Of Bros
Android app:
bh bh bh bh

Bahubali : Find and kill bharata. that depicts the real story of king Bahubali.

It's a FREE game and Compatible with all mobile devices!!
Amazing colorful 3D graphics!!
Amazing character control!!


Android app:

sk sk sk  

I SkII : 3d skiing game exploring the himalayan peaks

It's a FREE game and Compatible with all mobile devices!!
Explore a massive mountain, skiing in the himalayas' the tallest mountain peaks in india and the world while customize your positions and character.


Kargil : Opration Vijay
Android app:

kl kl kl

Operation vijay - To clear the Kargil sector captured by militants.

The Kargil war (Operation Vijay) is one of the most recent examples of high-altitude warfare in mountainous terrain. The cause of the war was the infiltration of Kashmiri militants into positions on the Indian side of LineOfC


Snakes And Ladders
Android app:
sn sn sn  

Snake And Ladders - Game is a simple race contest based on sheer luck.

This is popular in ancient India by the name Moksha Patam (which gives liberation if u win). Game originated in India as part of a family of dice board games. It was also associated with traditional Hindu philosophy contrasting karma and kama, or destiny and desire. Good Luck.


Kargil : Opration Vijay
Android app:

wa wa wa wa

War At Terrror is action packed shooting game.

A terrorist group has based in the remote area and you are the only war commander to destroy terrorist. At the end of each level need to face a multi barrel tank that becomes tough to newbies.Complete the mission and see how many terror bases you can control without loosing your life and see how much you can score


Marble Shooter
Android app:

mm mm mm  
Marble Shooter is a fun, classic marble breaker game that’s all about popping balls and solving puzzles!

The goal of the game is to hit the birds struck inside the marble
ends when all the birds are hit or fallen on the ground.

You can save your points (coins) at the end of every game level by your FTM email id / password, and convert into real cash at FREE TIME MONEY' app. The more coins you collect the more you win the reallcash.